The complete pre-date grooming checklist

The complete pre-date grooming checklist

So someone special has swiped right. And you’ve set a time and place. 

Now all you have to do is look good and be on time. Oh and then be charming and delightful and interesting, but let’s start with the basics. 

Being well-groomed demonstrates that you take care of yourself. This is a super sexy trait because if you love yourself, you can love others. It shows that you’re mature, classy and probably an incredible lover.

Use this checklist before a date to make sure you’re primed and ready for finding a mate.

  • Be sure to smell good. This means jumping in the shower with a bar of soap and washing everywhere that matters. Opt for a sexy scent like dark rum and citrus or coffee.
  • Same goes for your face. Use a gentle wash to make it soft and clean. If using a face scrub, don’t go too hard as you don’t want to be red in the face. At least not until later on.
  • Wear your good undies. You never know, you might be hit by a bus.
  • Put effort into how you dress. The clothes you wear say a lot about who you are as a person. Whether they’re ironed or not says even more.
  • Be sure you have clean hands and use a hand moisturiser. If you slip a cheeky handhold at the movies you’ll want to be smooth-skinned for maximum comfort. Sweaty palms is a whole other (inevitable) issue. 
  • Remember to wear deodorant, and perhaps a spritz of cologne (just on your wrists and neck, no crotch cologne is necessary). Smell is a sensual sense, it’s good to smell good.
  • For breath that’s fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air, remember to brush your teeth and pack a mint. Have we mentioned this smell good thing yet? It’s especially important if you’re going to be getting close and uh, personal.


And our biggest piece of advice for a date? Confidence! 

Confidence is the secret key to being attractive. Fake it ‘til you make it, practice your smile in the mirror and tell yourself, “you look friggin’ good!”

Putting time and effort into your grooming psychologically helps you believe that you are looking good—because you’re feeling good!

Grooming shouldn’t just be a pre-date activity, it should be practised every day, and it starts with washing.

Reach out to us for some good pick up lines. Just kidding, but we’re here for all your skincare questions

You know what? Here’s three for free anyway:

Pick up line 1: Are you a face scrub? Cause I’m feeling really smooth.

Pick up line 2: Vitamin C is good for my skin, but I really need some vitamin U.

Pick up line 3: Lucky I’m wearing SPF, ‘cause you are a star.

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