How to care for your beard

How to care for your beard

A bearded man’s facial hair is his pride and joy, so it shouldn’t be surprising that a great beard requires a little more upkeep than simply allowing it to grow as nature intended. When it comes down to it, a basic maintenance routine is the deciding factor for you looking like either a formidable gentleman or Tom Hanks in Castaway.

There are three basic principles to remember when maintaining your beard, and thankfully they’re all fairly easy to implement into your routine. Looking a bit scraggly as of late? Take a look at our handy guide and take yourself from deranged to dapper in no time.

Keep it neat

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair requires regular trims to look neat and stylish. Regular trips to a barber are definitely worth the investment and will keep your beard looking freaking amazing.

If you’re not into that, try to make just one visit to a good barber to have your beard shaped. You can then maintain it yourself by regularly trimming any stray hairs or unwanted length with scissors or clippers.

You should be combing and washing your beard on the daily. Wash your beard at the same time that you wash your face— a natural Face Wash will do the trick — and don’t forget to run a comb through it before you leave the house.

Keep it moisturised

Your facial hair may feel as course as a hessian sack, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The key to a beard that doesn’t double as steel wool is keeping the hair moisturised.

Even if don’t shave, you can still use a nourishing Pre-Shave Oil to condition the hair with natural ingredients like Jojoba and Olive oil.

For the ultimate beard conditioning, use a softening and repairing Beard Mask. This ultra-hydrating mask is left on the beard for 10 minutes, allowing the Shea Butter and natural extracts and oils to work their magic. Then simply wash out and enjoy running your fingers through your newly transformed beard.

Moisturising your beard also has the added benefit of making it strong and healthy. This means more shine, more volume and less shedding.

Don’t forget about what’s underneath

Having an impressive beard doesn’t just come down to how you look after your facial hair. The skin underneath is just as important. Think about it: your facial hair grows from your skin. The more nourished the skin, the mightier the beard.

Wash your face with a gentle but effective Face Wash to get rid of impurities and soothe the skin. If you do shave, opt for a Shave Gel that will not just help you achieve a close shave, but hydrate and cool the skin while doing so.

Don’t forget the Aftershave Lotion, either. This will moisturise your skin and reduce redness and inflammation.

By now you should be looking considerably less like Hagrid and about as swanky as a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal. Check out the full Charles + Lee range to make the rest of your face look just as impressive.

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