6 skincare myths that men still believe

6 skincare myths that men still believe

We’ve noticed a trend in recent years: A lot of guys know a thing or two about skincare. Gone are the days of men having to steal their girlfriend’s products in the shower, live with the stereotype of bad hygiene, or be otherwise completely clueless when it comes to skincare.
Nevertheless, it’s still important to get the skincare facts straight, so we’re here to debunk some myths that many men have still managed to cling on to.
Myth 1: Face and body skin are the same.
Fact: It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Both fruit, kinda different. The skin on your face is thinner, produces more oil, and is more sensitive. That’s why it needs its own products.
Plus, your facial skin is more likely to age and show wrinkles if not taken care of — unless looking like Gandalf is your thing.
If you love the idea of saving time and room on your shower shelf, you can still use a two-in-one hair and body wash. Efficiency.
Myth 2: It’s fine to use a bar of soap to wash your face.
Fact: The soap you use to wash your body can leave your face feeling like a gin-heavy martini — dry. This ultimately leaves your skin worse off, as dryness leads to flaking, tightness, and even acne.
Instead, use a gentle cleanser both morning and night, and leave the bar of soap to Fight Club.
Myth 3: The rougher the better.
Fact: It does feel damn good to use a scrub. But it’s not a case of the more you do it, the better your skin will be. You only need to use a face scrub three times a week, and you don’t need to go crazy with how hard you polish. Buff your face like you’d buff your car - lovingly.
Myth 4: Skincare is just too expensive.
Fact: It doesn’t have to be. Although there are fancy, pricey skincare brands out there, you can certainly find effective skincare products for the price of a pint of beer.
If you’re feeling really stingy, you can save a few bucks and get your skincare as a set. Then use those saved dollars on a pint. Go on, you’ve earned it.
Myth 5: If you have oily skin you don’t need to moisturise.
Fact: You absolutely do. Even if by the end of the day your nose is more oiled up than a competition body builder.
In fact, by NOT moisturising, your skin can produce MORE oil to compensate. Cleansing and exfoliating, though great for oily pores, must be followed with a moisturiser to be effective. Use an oil free moisturiser to get the hydration you need, without the oily feel.
Myth 6: You don’t need to care for your neck or beard.
Fact: There is actually still skin under your neck and beard! And that means it needs caring for. Though hopefully it’s not a neckbeard. Sorry, no judgment (okay, just a little).
Always use your products down to your neck, as the neck is where ageing can be most noticeable. Be sure to include a dedicated beard routine to keep your locks in shape. Seriously, there’s no way Khal Drogo got his impressive beard without some serious beard care.
Now that you’re equipped with the facts, check out the full range of Charles + Lee products and bust myths about just how good your skin can be.
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