5 habits that separate the ballers from the basic

5 habits that separate the ballers from the basic

When it comes to our appearance, it can be easy to see the difference between those keeping it tight and those who simply don’t care. The elites and the neanderthals. The ballers and the basics.

Here are five simple habits to adopt that will help you join the top tier.

1. Knowing yourself

A baller knows his assets and how to play to them. He knows how best to take care of himself because he knows all about himself. 

This is understanding things like: is your skin oily or dry? Is your hair curly or straight? Should you have a beard or close shave? Take the time to work out who you are and how to best present it.

Developing this knowledge of self is tangible to everyone you meet and is a way to give you confidence.

2. Having a routine

The top performers always have a routine and stick to it. Think about pro athletes and how they train every day to get that golden trophy.

You may not be Roger Federer, but for you, it might look like washing every day and booking haircuts every month. Having a regime helps you keep on top of your life and looking your best, always. Not just for special occasions.

A daily routine starts with just cleansing and moisturising. And before you freak out, a skincare routine really doesn’t have to be expensive. Save those dollars for the next step.

3. Exercising self-care

Tom Haverford said it best: treat yo’self.

Believe it or not, treating yourself and valuing self-care is an important part of being a baller. Why not gift yourself every now and then?

Picture this: champagne in hand, hot bath ready, exfoliated face, life’s good. Or maybe your version of treating yourself is chucking a sickie to play the latest game release. Or getting food delivered at 3am. Treating yourself is a personal choice and something that should not be skipped. 

 Remember: You deserve it, take care, build confidence, look good.

 4. Smelling good

 Our sense of smell triggers a powerful response. It taps into our memories and the part of our brain that controls our emotions. So whether it’s to impress others or just for yourself, it’s good to smell good! Washing your body and hands carefully with attractive scents like coffee or dark rum and leather is an enjoyable way to keep your aroma sexy.

Make it part of your morning routine, gym session or pre-date ritual

 5. Being prepared

The best adventures come from lots of planning. Ever been to a buck’s night with zero organising? Yeah, being rejected from the spontaneous trip to the gentleman’s club is not a fun time. Assumedly. 

Being ready for whatever adventure life might throw at you equips you to always be your best self. Keep a travel bag packed with all your essential personal care items, so you're ready for when a cheeky gym sesh arises, or when a dinner date becomes a breakfast date.

Now you know the secret to being an absolute baller, use this information wisely, and to your advantage. 

The enlightened are never too shy to ask questions, so if you have any related to skincare, talk to the fam at Charles and Lee. In the meantime, keep it real.

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