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Valued $54.95 (plus a FREE Premium Toiletry Bag).

This pack does not contain the clippings from a Bonsai Tree nor will it perfect how he trims his hedges… 

But it’s a damn good gift set.  

Say hello to a gift pack that’ll keep that razor-sharp jawline in check. With this holy grail of shaving essentials, he can say goodbye to those daily post-shave skin irritations, bumps and battle scars.  

Cover all bases with this easy 3-step shave routine all housed in a waterproof bag to keep these valuable goods safe.  

  1. Prep with our exfoliating Face Scrub containing AHA + Walnut Shell to remove dead skin + promote healthy skin turnover. 
  1. Prime with our Shave Gel to lubricate and protect your skin during the shaving process. 
  1. Soothe your skin with an Aftershave lotion that contains Chamomile Extract to help with inflamed skin.  


  • 1x 50ml Shave Gel 
  • 1x 100ml Aftershave Lotion 
  • 1x 150ml Face Scrub 
  • 1x FREE Luxury Toiletry Bag

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