What makes men's skincare so different

What makes men's skincare so different

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life (we’re looking at you Patrick Starr), you’ve no doubt seen some pretty questionable products marketed exclusively at men.

There are candles for men. Sponges for men. Even yogurt for men. That’s right, you can finally enjoy the probiotic benefits of yogurt! At last!

While tradies have been shamelessly throwing back pink cartons of strawberry Big M’s for decades now, it’s a sad thought that some men might feel so emasculated by something as unassuming as a candle that they need to see the words “for men!” to feel like they’re allowed to use it.

And it’s even sadder that so many brands take advantage of these poor, threatened dudes by peddling gendered versions of everything from yoga mats to canned soup.

“But wait. Don’t you sell skincare products... for men?”

Yes. But that’s different.

No, really. It is.

Allow us to explain.

What can men’s skincare do for me that other skincare can’t?

This should really go without saying, but skincare is a little more complex than yoghurt.

While men and women may have the same requirements when it comes to fermented dairy products, there’s a big difference when it comes to the best thing for your skin. And that big difference is beards.

Not all men have a beard. In fact, not every man can grow a beard. But for those who are capable of growing facial hair (and that’s most men), the process can take a serious toll on your skin.

Whether you’re sporting a beard that would make a lumberjack green with envy or haven’t gone a day without shaving since hitting puberty, it’s pretty damn important that your skin products are designed to address your skincare needs.

An unmaintained beard can be wiry and scratchy, causing all kinds of skin problems. We’re talking dry skin, pimples and even clogged pores. This goes double if you’re not washing your face well enough to actually reach the skin underneath.

Not to mention the whole shaving thing. Dragging a razor across your face irritates the skin, even at the hand of the most skilled barber in town.

That’s exactly why we designed Charles + Lee skincare. We’ve got simple, no-frills products that do exactly what they say to give your skin what it needs.

Beard making you break out? Combat that with a gentle but effective Face Wash. Cheeks looking inflamed after shaving? Calm that mess down with Aftershave Lotion that won’t make you break out. Beard feeling like steel wool? Soften that wiry hair with a Beard Mask.

Why regular skincare products aren’t designed for your manly face

Despite skincare being something that everyone needs, most skincare products are designed with women in mind. This also means that a lot of skincare products are designed with the assumption that whoever’s using them probably wears makeup every day.

We won’t bore you with the details of how makeup can affect your skin. Let’s just say that non-makeup-wearing-men using products designed for makeup wearers makes about as much sense as beardless women using products designed for faces with hair.

Sure, they might kind of work. But why not spend your money on a product actually designed for your face and skincare needs?

That’s why we designed Charles + Lee. It’s simple but effective skincare designed for your face. Makes sense, right? Check out the range now.

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