Myth Busters: oily skin edition

Myth Busters: oily skin edition

To those who have oily skin and have been plagued with myths and legend as to what that means, the time has come to set the record straight.

Firstly, assess your skin type to see if you are an oily dude. Oily skin presents itself as shininess,  large pore size, rough texture and oil on the surface. 

Are you oilier than a bacon rasher on Sunday morning? Read on to bust some myths.

“I don’t need moisturiser” BUSTED

This is the classic. The downfall of the oily skinned folks. It’s the pulling your mate’s chair before he sits down trick. It’s the placing a full pint of beer on an unsuspecting pair of thumbs. It’s the air horn when someone’s asleep at the party. It’s the trick of the century.

Oily skin is not a sign that your skin is over-hydrated. It is most often thanks to hormones, genetics and skin texture (thank your parents later).

Skin requires hydration to function. In fact not using a moisturiser can make your skin overcompensate for not being hydrated by producing MORE oil. A simple fix? Moisturise daily. If you’re REALLY oily, use an oil-free moisturiser to still get hydration without even a trace of an oily skin feel. 

“Sunscreen makes oily skin worse” BUSTED

At the end of the day, sunscreen is necessary. Just, use SPF. If you don't we’re in a fight.

Use an SPF moisturiser that has grape seed extract as it can assist with tightening the skin and minimising the appearance of pores, which is perfect for oily-skinned bros.

“Alcohol-loaded products will help” BUSTED

The thing is, alcohol does help absorb oil. You’ll often see astringent toners with alcohol to soak it up. Alcohol is not definitively bad in skincare, but dousing your face in alcohol potent products will dry out your skin and exacerbate the shine.

Instead, opt for a face wash with lactic acid—a mild chemical exfoliant that encourages cell turnover. And leave the alcohol-loaded products to the drinks you buy on Friday night.

“Exfoliating twice a day should help” BUSTED

A face scrub is great for oily skin, so you’re on the right track. But you know how everyone says calcium is good for you, until you get caught eating chunks of grated cheese straight out of the bag with your bare hands while the light from the fridge flickers on your shirtless torso at 3am, again, Steve? Yeah, there can be too much of a good thing.

Ideally, exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Multiple times a day may strip your skin and cause excess production of oil. One handful of grated cheese 2-3 times a week is also fine.

“There’s nothing you can do” BUSTED

While it’s true that the reason for your oily skin is mostly out of your control, that doesn’t mean you can’t establish a routine that will help manage it. 

Cleansing and moisturising daily or twice-daily as part of your routine is the first step. Changing your pillow covers often, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding touching your face are all additional ways to help manage oiliness. 

“Oily skin is gross”  BUSTED

What’s really gross is people that will judge other people based on their skin.

Oily skin isn’t dirty or unclean. It’s just another part of living in our glorious human bodies. And glistening, shimmering skin is pretty in fashion right now so you’re in luck!

“The five-second rule is real” BUSTED

Unfortunately, the real Mythbusters already uncovered this and we’re sorry to say, time does not affect how many germs end up on your food. This is not related to oily skin, but still worth knowing. 

Now you’re equipped with the straight facts and not the pestering myths, go forth and explore your best skincare options from the full range of Charles + Lee products.

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