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Valued at $88.00 

This pack does not contain lubricant from his toolbelt, nor will it stop his wandering eye… 

But it is a damn good gift pack. 

Here’s a gift set that’ll whip your handyman into line and scrub off those mischievous thoughts in the hope for some sort of purity. 

Take him on with a multipurpose Hand + Body wash that’ll help cleanse, condition + hydrate the skin and his thoughts all at once. Add in an exfoliating face scrub with AHA + Walnut shell for skin rejuvenation and a Moisturiser to help lock in and ensure that youthfulness and flirtatious smile will never leave his face. 


  • 500 ml Hand + Body Wash 
  • 150 ml Face Scrub 
  • 100 ml Moisturiser SPF 15 
  • Luxury Toiletry Bag

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