Starter Bundle

Valued at $95.75.

This Starter Bundle does not contain coral from the Great Barrier Reef nor will it give you abs of steel, however, it’s a damn good starter bundle.

Check out this great Starter Bundle with 2 free gifts containing No-nonsense, High-Performance Aussie-made men’s grooming products.

The bundle contains:

Face Wash 150ml

A gentle, energising face wash with AHA to lightly exfoliate + promote healthy skin rejuvenation. Containing natural and active ingredients such as Vitamin A and Chamomile Extract, our Face Wash has been designed to assist with the important process of cell turnover and rejuvenation. With a natural citrus scent of Goji Berry + Blood Orange, this skincare staple will awaken your senses and leave your skin looking and feeling fresh. (Usually $18.95)

Hand & Body Wash 500ml

An energising Hand + Body Wash rich in natural ingredients to help cleanse, condition + hydrate your skin. Naturally fragranced with a refreshing Citrus blend of Goji Berry + Blood Orange with notes of Grapefruit, this multipurpose wash will sit proudly in your shower, bathroom, or kitchen alike, and is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. (Usually $24.95)

Moisturiser SPF 100ml

Look after your skin with this high-quality Facial Moisturiser formulated to provide essential hydration, as well as daily UVA/UVB protection to help prevent sun damage and signs of premature aging. Packed with natural and active ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe Vera to soften and smooth, and Vitamin E, Collagen, and Elastin to help improve skin health. You’ll also smell incredible, thanks to a manly Moroccan Oil scent with light notes of Vanilla, Lemon, and Mint. (Usually $19.95)

Plus you get 2 free full-size gifts:

Charcoal Face Scrub 100ml

A creamy charcoal formula to give you a deep cleanse + promote healthy skin rejuvenation. Infused with walnut exfoliating beads to remove dead skin + prep your skin for the ultimate close shave, while Charcoal Powder and Menthol provide the ultimate cleanse to leave you with that fresh tingly feeling. Naturally scented like vintage leather with notes of Cedarwood, Orange, and Pine Needles. (usually $18.95)

Lip Balm 12ml

A Vitamin E enriched lip balm formulated with natural ingredients to soothe dry, chapped lips, keeping them soft and hydrated. Fast absorbing, providing instant relief and protection from the elements. (usually $12.95)

Charles + Lee products are made from naturally derived ingredients. Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, certified cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly (Lip Balm not suitable for Vegans).

All of these great products for only $60 plus free delivery within Australia.

Hurry we only have 300 of these available, so orders yours now to avoid disappointment.