Coffee Soap Bar | Duo

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Prefer to use the old fashioned bar of soap in the shower? Our Soap Bar Duo has been designed to offer you an option with a contrasting variety of ingredients. 


Coffee + Oatmeal Soap

A 'breakfast bar' of sorts, our macchiato inspired Coffee Soap is enriched with arabica beans and oatmeal for a subtle exfoliation to start the day off right. 

This soap was developed to increase cell turnover, promote skin rejuvenation and make your skin smell great.

Active Ingredients

Ground Arabica Seed - A proven natural exfoliant known to increase circulation and blood flow whilst improving skin tone and condition. 

Oatmeal - Great for fighting dull and dry skin, oatmeal has been used in skincare for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. 

Type: Double

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